Alternative uses for business cards

September 5, 2019

The humble business card is an essential marketing product. This pocket-sized piece of card is your ticket to business success.

When you give out your business card, you're creating connections that may lead to brand new customers. But, could you get even more value out of your business cards?

Here are some alternative uses for business cards. Which is right for your company?

Special offer cards

On one side of your business card, have all of the essential information. On the other side, a discount on your services or products. The holder of the business card can trade it in to claim their discount.

If you run a cake shop, a piece of card doesn't properly show off your products. Perhaps use your business card as a ticket for a discount, or even to trade in for a sample. There's no better way to promote what you're selling than for someone to try it themselves.

You could also include a digital code to claim a discount online. Then, customers don't need to swap their business card for a special offer.

Appointment cards

Do you run a business that offers appointments? Perhaps you're a dentist, a financial advisor, a solicitor or an estate agent?

Make your business cards into practical and useful appointment cards. Have space on one side for details of your client's next appointment. This reduces the chance of forgotten appointments and helps people that don't carry their diaries.

Loyalty cards

Running a loyalty scheme is a fantastic way to keep people coming back. Your business card can double up as a simple loyalty card.

On the back of the card, have a number of squares that you can stamp when a customer visits. Perhaps they get a stamp for every £10 spend, each time they buy a hot drink, or for every time they pay your entrance fee? When they've collected enough stamps, they can trade the card for a discount, free entry, or a freebie.

Work sample

If you're an artist, use the back of your card for a small print version of your work. If you're a photographer, add one of your photographs. One side of your business card will be filled with text and information, but the other could be the perfect place to show off what you can do.

Maybe you're a fashion designer, and each of your business cards can show off one of your outfits? Or you run a bookshop and can decorate each card with a photograph of a packed bookshelf?

A work sample on the back of your card is a great way to show what you offer.

Puzzle or game

Make your business card interactive with a puzzle or game on the back. It'll occupy the cardholder for 10 minutes on the train and may bring a smile to their face.

A puzzle or game can make a lasting impression. Perhaps a small wordsearch with words that are relevant to your business? There are few better ways to cement in their minds what your business or company offers.

Your business card is so important. Make the most of every inch of space. Contact us now for more information about business card design and printing.

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