Five common website mistakes

July 2, 2019

There is a world of difference between having a website and having a website that works - which brings to mind a famous quote from author George Bernard Shaw: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

By October 2019, there were around 4.48 billion internet users globally and over 1.7 billion websites! (source:

So getting yours to stand out and achieve your business goals is no easy matter. It relies on a strong brand strategy and identity, and cutting-edge website design and build.

It also revolves around a constant commitment to such things as SEO, UX and digital marketing.

However, at the very least, you need to avoid these five common mistakes in website design.

Looks are NOT everything

Investing huge amounts of time (and agency fees) into a website that is creatively brilliant ’on paper’ means you’re missing the point.

Websites have literally seconds to grab and hold the attention of visitors. Even if these people are impressed with how it looks, if they are baffled about its relevance to them, they will click away instantly.

That makes strong content vital. Especially text and images that position and promote your brand effectively. Website users should see your unique selling propositions at a glance.

Gimmicks and gizmos can backfire

The toolbox for website design and build expands daily. There is a constant supply of new plugins and page features that can be used.

The tendency is to pack sites with all the ‘whistles and bells’ irrespective of how relevant they are to the business! This can slow down site loading times and impede navigation around pages, as well as creating a distraction. The result is poor user experience and lead conversion rates.

User experience deficits

One of the worst mistakes on websites is undervaluing User Experience (UX). You can design and build pages that still don’t convert enough leads if you don’t constantly assess your UX. Where are you losing visitor attention, and how can you smooth their progress to your transaction page or icon?

SEO is not an afterthought

Too many websites are designed with a view to building in search engine optimisation afterwards. This can be especially true of ‘off the shelf’ and downloadable website templates.

To stand out, a bespoke website with SEO features built-in from the start is the only way to gain a competitive edge. Your page ranking and website traffic increase when up to date SEO principles are allied to your business goals from day one.

Website design and build is just the start!

Another common website mistake is to get complacent once the digital platform is live and bringing in business. This is not a static entity. Nor is your digital marketing a ‘done deal’, even if your website looks good and performs well.

It’s a constant process of adding fresh, relevant content and meshing your website in with other digital marketing activities such as social media. As previously mentioned, UX research should be ongoing, as you should keeping track of SEO developments.

The best websites are the ones constantly weeding out weaker features (which can change over time) and building in new and attractive ways to grab and hold user attention!

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