How to create business branding that works

November 4, 2019

Your brand is pivotal to the way you position and promote your product and service. It tells your customers what you’re all about and why they should engage with you. That includes underpinning your website design and build, to ensure that it meets your specific business goals.

Yet some small and medium-sized companies have a tenuous grip on what a brand actually is, let alone what theirs is all about!

When branding goes wrong so does your marketing – both the digital and physical activities. Even your passive marketing suffers. Your customers are confused or turned off, and your lead conversion is poor.

So, what are the most common branding mistakes?

Thinking brand and logo are the same things?

This is probably the biggest myth about branding. Your brand is something that takes research and careful consideration. It explains your product, service or company, and how it fits in the marketplace. It should sum up your unique selling propositions, and the terminology that’s most likely to resonate well with your customers.

With all that worked out, you can create a brand identity. That includes a logo that encapsulates your brand brilliantly. It also includes such things as logo taglines, corporate colour palettes and font rules. Clearly then, a brand is about far more than a design emblem!

Wow, but what do you sell?

A clever brand identity can still leave your target audience puzzled.

Your brand identity needs to be clear, relevant and unmissable. That includes telling the ‘story’ of your product or service in an unambiguous way. An eye-catching logo and tag line that leaves people scratching their head is useless.

Make sure your design work doesn't distract. There have been some huge branding errors by big players with deep pockets. Do you remember the logo for the London Olympics 2012 that looked like a swastika? Yikes!

Use your words

Some successful brands can use one simple device and you know exactly what they are about. The Nike tick and the McDonald's golden arches for example.

That’s not you!

Your logo needs a strong and relevant tagline to support it. Which brands do these tag lines belong to: “Because you’re worth it” and “Think Different”? Both are pithy and evocative.

Branding that’s ‘fluid’

Having invested in a strong, meaningful brand statement and identity, don't let people mess around and use artistic licence with them.

Your logo is not something you can tinker around with and use differently on a whim. That includes, for example, having your logo in a different colour or dismantled and distorted as a design ‘innovation’.

Your brand is the cornerstone of your marketing and should be championed effectively, including making sure all your staff are trained to maintain your brand guidelines properly.

Outdated and stale logos

Have you noticed that Colonel Sanders has ‘dressed down’ in KFC’s iconic logo? The famous emblem has been refreshed multiple times in the company’s history, including losing the main man’s old-fashioned suit and adding a fetching apron. Why do this? Times change and so do consumer preferences and behaviours.

A common branding mistake is to keep a logo the same for too long. Evaluating its effectiveness and making necessary adjustments is commercial common sense, and should be done with regular brand reviews.

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